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Jakes Flypants - Horse Protective Garment - Custom Colors

Jakes Flypants - Horse Protective Garment - Custom Colors
Garment Body Colors

Garment Body Color
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Garment Trim/Piping Colors

Garment Trim and Piping Color
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Jakes Flypants - Horse Protective Garment - Custom Colors

Jakes Flypants protective garment for horses available in custom color combinations chosen from our 5 body colors and 14 trim and piping colors.

Provides protection for your horse from the irritating and potentially debilitating effects of flies, ticks and other aggressive insects.

  • A must have for chemical sensitive horses! No chemicals introduced to the environment!
  • Provides U.V. Sun Protection which is especially beneficial for horses with thin, fair or sensitive skin.
  • Long lasting durable construction. Quality materials & components will save money compared to the cost of chemicals.
  • Versatile! Can be worn while at pasture or in stall and under saddle and May be used with splint boots or other wraps.

Jakes Flypants give and move with your horse while staying securely attached, so a comfortable and secure fit is achieved. May be used in multiple disciplines or gaits, pleasure rides or in brushy terrain where ticks might be a problem.

Jakes Flypants may be used while at horse shows before entering the ring, workouts or cool down periods, providing a chemical free and superior insect defense.

Shown: Royal/white/grey



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